Locorotondo is a destination for VIP travelers worldwide! Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. The Trullo house with pyramidal roof is built from limestone slabs located between the gardens, emerald paddy fields. You are looking for beautiful places in Locorotondo, Locorotondo travel experience? Along refer to the article below!

Locorotondo – A name flowed from the lips of our most amazing ways, and a really fun place worthy of the title “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy ).
Located on a big hill, Locorotondo is a great place to watch the beautiful countryside around. Sweeping views of the building with the typical architecture of the village green petal to the trees creak in the wind. All stretches from the mountains to the other hill provides spectacular views.
To Locorotondo visitors can see fields, vineyards and olive groves dotted with conical roofs of the houses and farms Trulli. If you go car, you may have discovered some quiet rural roads of the area and is a good opportunity to see close up the beautiful countryside of Italy’s most. You can wander down the small road from the town center and found himself among the fields in minutes, with picturesque scenery.
Square Vittorio Emanuele is located on a hilltop, it is a small square with a cafe, a tourist information office where you can get maps or brochures and St George’s Chapel, the building neoclassical magnificent nineteenth century belong to dominate the main square, with St George on horseback overlooking the town. Opposite is a small park with views of the countryside below an outdoor photography exhibition, extremely charming with pictures describing the life of old and new in this small town.

Locorotondo is known for its wine, which you’ll find in restaurants around the Puglia region. The main wine is produced locally at Cantina Sociale del Locorotondo is white and sparkling light This is definitely a meaningful gift or visitors can take home to enjoy the evening drink.
Just go to Via Madonna della Catena near the train station, visitors can participate in the festivities in one of two holidays of the patron saint. Opt largest trade fair for San Giorgio on 22 and 23 April, or music and fireworks for San Rocco on 16th May 8. The atmosphere on this occasion extremely lively and excited, optical arrivals this will integrate and experience the culture of the natives and know where to find suitable items for themselves.
When to Locorotondo so where?
If you are traveling Locorotondo, you will probably find two or Martina Franca Alberobello area suitable for overnight stays, with many transportation options, restaurants and more shopping. If you like to spend a night in the small town charm, you can sleep in the small apartment of Sotto le Cummerse, the Albergo Diffuso ( ‘hotel typical’) to see the tree in the tip of Locorotondo.
How to travel in Locorotondo?
Like many small towns of Italy, finding a parking space in Locorotondo can be somewhat difficult, especially in the peak tourist season. However, we recommend parking in one of the parking lot a little bigger outside the old town. But may have to walk in, but there is also a great way to visit Locorotondo closer.
You can also arrive by boat Locorotondo Ferrovie Sud Est from directly from Bari, with a travel time of about an hour. In addition, the distance between the towns only separated by a few minutes away from Martina Franca ship likened to Alberobello. The station is a commercial center a short walk. Please note that on Sunday, the vessel being replaced by buses.