The most luxurious hotels in the world not only provides a luxurious retreat that was built, to create a feeling of privacy.
Royal Mansour (Marrakech, Morocco): built by the Royal standard, each room of the 53 rooms and two floors here feature stained glass, mosaic tiles, carpets, silk, brocade fabric-covered furniture and crystal figurines. Royal Mansour similar to a city with city walls surround, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, libraries, art galleries, public bath house.
The Brando (Tahiti): located on a private island in the islands of Tetiaroa, includes resort luxurious villa is 35. Each villa has a private pool and direct access to the beach. With costs from 3,700 USD, you are relaxing in the luxurious room, enjoy the dishes cooked by Chef two Michelin stars, enjoy a spa, diving …
Hotel island of Fogo (Canada): situated on the cliffs in an island off the coast of Newfoundland, this hotel as are sitting on the edge of the world. Fogo has 29 rooms with luxurious furnishings, fireplaces, hot tubs of the same broad vision towards the Atlantic Ocean.
Silo (Cape Town, South Africa): this hotel is a good impression with guests from the first minute thanks to the glass-domed window. Inside the Silo has 28 rooms, decorated with Persian rugs, Egyptian-style crystal chandeliers and Oriental essence of Africa. The pool is located on the top floor offers visitors a relaxing moment at the same sight down the mountain, Victoria & Albert Waterfront, the Atlantic.
Resorts in Pedregal (Mexico): this is one of those resorts have the best security system in the world. Visitors must pass through security gates before driving through a private tunnel illuminated by chandeliers located at the foot of a high mountain. The resort is also focused on the privacy of customers with independent private pool area, towards the sea.
Anantara resorts Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Oman): this is the ideal choice for those who seek elegance combined with the sense of ambiguity, nowhere. Located on the edge of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Anantara mountains bring broad vision. The rest are all very impressive, big outdoor courtyard pool together. The resort also offers spa services with lavish bathroom, hot water and natural salt from Korea.
Hotel Mashipi (Ecuador): this hotel is a wonderful combination between beauty from nature and luxury from the glass, iron and steel. It is located deep in the tropical forests of Mashpi, has 22 rooms with large baths, wide window. Mashpi is also at the forefront of eco-tourism. In the hotel are granted power from the hydroelectric plant located at the living nearby.
SONEVA Kiri (Thailand): located between the jungle and the Ocean on the island of Koh Kood, Soneva Kiri is one of the luxury hotels and secluded for in Thailand. With costs from 970 USD, you can enjoy life in one of 36 luxury villas thatched roofs are made from wood. Each room is equipped with a terrace, infinity pool, swab the bathroom indoors and outdoors.
Jack’s Camp (Botswana): built in the late 60 ‘s, Jack’s Camp is the legendary hunting area in southern Africa. The charm of ancient style of this hotel comes from 10 tents decorated with Persian rugs, a lithography and refined. In addition, Jack’s Camp is also offered life facilities with swimming pools, library, Museum, a games room, a bar.