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The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa-Capri Italy
This hotel is located on the beautiful island of Capri, where tourists can arrive by boat from Sorrento or the rich Neapolitan culture. Five stars hotel Capri Palace carries the features of a Neapolitan-style Palace appears on the island from the year 1700.
The hotel is decorated with white furnishings, elegant flashiness to honor the original architecture and the works of contemporary art. Of course, you can also admire the spectacular idyllic blue sea of the Bay of Naples when stop at this hotel.
Amanzoe-Porto Heli, Greece
Located on a hill surrounded by olive trees and paddy fields of lush bronze, Amanzoe brings the experience of a Greek-style paradise with outdoor kitchens and restaurants, pool and infinity both a club the beach reserved for the guests of his own.
Besides the many facilities available (including spa treatments, a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool, diving), Amanzoe also offers tours to explore the historical sites locally, or even go sailing to nearby Greek Islands.
Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc — Antibes, France
Luxury hotel uniquely located in Cap d’Antibes between Cannes and Nice in this spectacular setting ownership of southern France with a lot of sea-oriented balcony and bar champagne.
The room is open design, meticulous and luxury with high glass doors from the floor to the ceiling lets in the Sun of southern France overwhelmed it.
Hotel Le Bristol-Paris, France
This 5-star hotel was honored as the Palace Hotel first of Paris thanks to the charm of it. Marble fountain in the courtyard of the hotel is a testament to this.
Inside, the room is decorated with stylish furniture Paris and ancient works of art. Some rooms also include a jacuzzi and a spacious balcony overlooking the French capital.
Six Senses — The Douro Valley Lamego, Portugal
Was voted the best hotel in Europe, Six Senses Douro Valley is situated between the beautiful lush countryside of Portugal. Hotels of this 19th-century building overlooking the vineyards planted on the hills of the Valley of the Douro and the River below.
This hotel also boasts a restaurant and excellent dining room, which has a combined dining room/kitchen outdoors allows guests the experience of chef cooking for themselves.
This hotel was voted in at number 1 thanks to the quality of the rooms, the staff, the restaurant, swimming pool, Garden, wine library – and the beautiful scenery around.

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