There are exclusive and luxurious design hotel for VIP

Guests want to enjoy the full beauty of ice and snow, green forest of hammo and Scandinavia, the architects of this country had been working to create the rest place is extremely unique.
1. Ice Hotel
Ice Hotel is located near the town of Kiruna, Swedish Jukkasjarvi region is famous are built on an area of 6,000 square meters of ice and snow . Furniture and decorative objects picky in accomodations primarily made from ice as well, including the bed.
So every night, staying right inside a sleeping bag and then into bed. Every year, on to November, the Ice Hotel is built completely new. Before open to visitors in the winter, the ice blocks carved and polished very beautiful.
Apart from collection of sculptures from ice, the hotel also has a snow church for wedding guests. This hotel reception about 50 thousand visitors each year and just refused to children under 12 years old. The average room rate for a weekend here is $ 1,000.
2. Tree Hotel
A group of Swedish architects turned the dream has own house on the tree of many children come true. Harada in the peaceful village north of the country, Tree Hotel with a glass of premises situated at an altitude 6 meters above the ancient trees that are suitable for those who prefer to see the trees all sides. Especially as every room in the trees are marked own creation as an architect.
Best Features may include Mirror Cube, the room was coated mercury outside should reflect the whole situation surrounding trees. So that birds do not recognize this as human shelter and comfort for visitors to observe their natural life. Prices of hotel rooms on the higher course also can not lower: visitors will have to pay 550 USD / night to accomplish this dream childhoods.
3. Hotels in the ground
A room in Sala Silvermine Underground Loungem hotel used to be the silver mine capital
Same country Sweden, if you got bored altitude, visitors can find special feeling when overnight in an underground silver mine. Stockholm travel about 120km to the northwest, visitors will come to Sala Silvermine Underground Loungem, the property was formerly a 155 meters silver mine located deep underground.
But mobile phones can not be used here, but it is still in contact with the outside world using the internet. Hotel open year-round, and priced on par with the hotel ice above.
4. Glass Hotel Kakslauttanen
Also located on the Scandinavian peninsula to the “special” winter, Hotel Kakslauttanen with tents glass are great places for tourists to feel the full beauty winter night in Lapland, Finland. Finland winter night sky is known for the clear starry, sometimes including auroral light extremely splendid.
People will not miss the beauty that stay in tents throughout the fully equipped, there is even a pool. Price “tent” here starts from 200 USD / night. Not only attractive at night, daytime visitors can rent a snowmobile or explore the beautiful scenery on the cars pulled by husky dogs famous smart.

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