Hotels are only for VIPs when traveling the world

In addition to the famous hotels around the world, then in each country also has many hotels are appreciated and are more popular with travelers. But coverage of these hotels in the area just inland but the “hot” they have spread to many different continents. Learn right along the famous hotels in the world and in some beautiful country c’mon!

Hotel Le Meurice, France
Le Meurice is a 5-star hotel in Paris, owns a prime location in the heart of Paris. Meurice impress but classic architecture and exquisite elegance of the eighteenth century. Moreover, this hotel is also known for collections of antiques are on display inside.
rated as the best hotel in the world, the Grand Hotel timeo located in the heart of Taormina, right next to the theater ancient Greek university in Italy. Five-star hotels in Italy are not only appreciated by the refined, elegant, it also has a panoramic view of Mount Etna admire and coast of Sicily. In addition, the elegant Grand Hotel timeo remaining in each decorative objects and fine art, beautiful textiles and amenities.
Famous Hotels in South Korea
Is one of the best 5 star hotel in South Korea, Lotte Hotel Seoul is located in central Seoul. Here are the leading choice for customers welcomed VIP guests and many important figures and leaders from different countries. Simultaneously, it is also the hotel holding the number of the international event and the largest cultural festival in Korea.
Park Hyatt Busan has 269 luxury rooms and suites equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced facilities. Located in a central location, with many shopping malls of international stature and spectacular scenic view, Park Hyatt Busan is an ideal residential location for travelers who want a luxurious vacation, exquisite.
Famous Hotels in Singapore
Is a typical 5 star hotel in Singapore, featuring St.Regis portrayed lines picky, bearing the royal style with elegant furniture, harmonious. Besides, the hotel offers a variety of special services such as registered to “become king” with Bentleys with chauffeur, spa or restaurant chain varied menu …
Marina Bay Sands
As populations Resort mixture and is the largest hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands include a canal, a museum of architecture lotus, theaters, cinemas, shops and casinos vast, modern. Most particularly, is an infinity pool with a height of 200m on the terrace has an area approximately equal to three football fields. Here, travelers just breathe the fresh air in the morning, just to enjoy the spectacular sight of the night when the whole island lights up.
Famous Hotels Switzerland
Derby Swiss Quality Hotel is a great choice of travelers to Grindelwald. Here, visitors can easily move to places like Mont – Bell Grindelwald, Vogts Corner, GrindelwaldSports. Moreover, tourists can experience the services and recreational facilities such as sauna, golf, skiing, sunbathing.
Bristol Hotel
Designed object suitable for tourists and leisure travel, Bristol Hotel is located in an ideal location in Uferweg Area, only 0,2km from the city center. The hotel is not only modern and comfortable but also easy access to numerous attractions such as St. Mauritius Church Matterhorn Museum.
Famous Hotels in Thailand
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, is one of the leading 5 star hotel in Bangkok. This is the first hotel to be built in Thailand as the country opened in 1879 and is always in the list of world’s best hotels.
The Siam help visitors experience the unique culture, unique in Thailand with the most advanced services. The biggest plus point for this hotel is stunning antique style located on the Chao Praya River, in the historic Dusit district, a convenient location for a memorial of the peace under King Rama V. In particular, only 5 minutes ride you can get to the Vimanmek Teak Palace Museum and Royal Palace.
Famous Hotels in Dubai
Located in the Business Bay district, Taj Dubai’s luxury hotel-style India. It offers a view panoramic view Burj Khalifa skyscraper, outdoor swimming pool, spa and wellness center.
Renaissance Downtown Hotel
is located on Dubai’s artificial canal Water Canal, Downtown Hotel Renaissance hotel, with stunning views of the city skyline. It has an outdoor pool, an indoor pool looked great.

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