Each night, live tunes from the library’s Steinway piano stream through to La Pagode de Cos, the inn’s sleek, throughout the day brasserie eatery, where we eat, a Champagne evening tea and sentimental flame lit supper.
Like Le Gabriel, the inn’s two Michelin star top notch food safe house  which serves French works of art injected with Japanese flavors – La Pagode de Cos is likewise kept running by official culinary specialist Jerome Banctel and pulls in both inn visitors and non visitors.

This eatery is a gesture to Cos d’Estournel, one of the wine bequests having a place with Michel Reybier it’s the main house in the Bordeaux district with oriental pagodas.
Situated in silk upholstered easy chairs, by dumbfounding Pakistani onyx sections, we think about a menu affected by customary Bordeaux cooking, with any semblance of lievre a la royale a sort of bunny meal among the alternatives.

We full for the four course Carte Blanche €95, a tasting menu that apparently gives the kitchen free rule to serve us what they wish contingent upon what deliver is advertise new and moving that day simply tell your server any aversions or hypersensitivities and away they go.
After a delight bouche of butternut squash and foie gras, we’re served baked good encircled poultry terrine, mackerel with potato waffle, pork ribs with mushrooms and gnocchi, and a fig mille feuille a puff baked good treat with fig sorbet. It’s everything extremely fulfilling, and runs pleasantly with the full bodied house red – a 2012 Cos d’Estournel vintage.

On registration morning, I accomplish something I never regularly do in Paris: skip le petit dejeuner. Normally I can’t avoid pigging out on newly heated croissants and torment au chocolat for breakfast be that as it may, maybe blameworthy of over reveling these previous couple of days, I decline. Leaving the lodging’s peaceful, lavish air pocket one final time, I’m before long remaining by the Champs Elysees with vehicles thundering and sounding their way towards the Arc de Triomphe.
I sit tight for a break in the rush hour gridlock at that point join the groups rearranging down into the Champs Elysees Clemenceau Metro station, feeling like I’ve quite recently swapped dream for the real world.