What preparation is needed before traveling to South Korea? To have the whole trip and smoothly, you need to note the following issues:

First, you need to proceed with visa. This is quite time consuming step, so the best you should prepare before 1.2, or thanks to visa services.

South Korean touristexperiences self-sufficient 2017, you should prepare in advance a little cash to buy and sell in the stores or the small eateries. South Korea Won using the smallest denominations from 1 won to 40,000 won.
Korea travel outfits, with the heat fairly large oscillations background according to the season from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when the South Korean tourist you should prepare suitable clothes. Summer the temperature about 22-30 degrees, pretty cool and overcast. Winter the thermal background average about 0 degrees Celsius may be down to 10 degrees Celsius, with snow, you need to prepare warm clothes.
You also need to bring the necessary personal items, because many hotels are not available or would charge when used. In addition, you should also carry the medicines precaution against disease.
Should South Korea travel season? Varies according to each person’s own preferences, which you choose yourself the most suitable time of travel. Here are hints on the ideal travel time South Korea you can refer to:
Spring: warm weather, no precipitation, sunny mild pleasant convenient for tourist activities. In particular, travel South Korea self-sufficient at this time you will be taking the Flower Festival. Some mountains have beautiful scenery in spring in South Korea such as: Sobaeksan, Jirisan and Taebaeksan, Hallasan.
South Korean tourist experience first, if going in the spring, the March will be the most beautiful, while April and May are not South Korean tourist season because February has many storms blow to from China.
Summer: typically quite rainy and hot weather, especially the end of July. Increased heat background approximately 38-40 degrees Celsius. However, this season the beaches in South Korea again very nice, especially as there are many special festivals held in the summer.
If you go at this time, so avoid hot at the beach as: Mangsang, Naksan, Seokcho, Gyeongpo, Hwajin, Gyeongpodae, Haeundae and Jeju Island.
Autumn, the best time to go to South Korea. The climate is cool, pleasant, incredibly romantic scenery. You will get to visit, and explore all the crannies of South Korea. In particular, this time goes on you will enjoy many kinds of fruits, food and produce.
Winter: cold weather and more snowfall, this time goes on you will be participating in the winter sports activities. You can ski and hot spring bath or ice Festival, the Festival of fishing in ice, snow festival …
Transportation when traveling to Korea
Bus transportation: this is common in South Korea, you can move to anywhere by bus. There are 2 types of bus is bus and high speed bus aims to serve the needs of travel in the city or going away. The bus fare is often agitated from 1,250 won to 2,300 won to suburban routes. The advantage of the bus is on time, convenience, but you remember the seatbelt to avoid danger.
When traveling to Korea, Generally the price of hotel rooms in South Korea quite expensive ranging from under 1 million to 10 million for 2 person/night. Typically 3 star hotel rooms will cost from 1-2 million, the high-end hotels will have a higher price.
Backpackers Korea experience, if you follow the Group has limited costs, should choose the hostel cheap or homestay. A room can be many people, sleeping in bunk beds. The advantage of this type is cheap, basic facilities are full.
Choice in homestay are also quite comfortable and safe. You will be in conjunction with the landlord, Korean-style breakfast and the opportunity to learn about the culture of the indigenous people.
To choose the cheap hotels in South Korea, you can go to the downtown Myeongdong, Hongdae. Room rate per night ranges from 20-25 USD per person. For convenience, you should choose the hotels near the Metro station or bus stop to move.
Good quality hotel in Seoul
Lotte Hotel Seoul, 30 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul. Room prices from $150-5 star standard. This superior hotel is located in Seoul with the quality 5 stars luxury Interior, modern architecture, the best service.