Take the time to enjoy the street food and shopping delight in Taipei is not a tourist thing would isn’t enchanted. Let Travel Wonders World introduce the heaven in the modern tourist city for Taiwan.

If you are planning to travel to the island of Taiwan, do not forget to Taipei one of the vibrant and modern city for made in Taiwan. With the air always crowded and boisterous when the sun set, regardless of the tourists would come to Taipei are also excited to be visiting at least once a night market.

Through these destinations are introduced in this article, I hope you will have more information to loud to friends about the culinary and shopping paradise Street in Taipei.
If the favored buy brand, Taipei 101 ‘s shopping centres meet all your requirements. Taipei 101 convergence all the hottest brands in the world and the 101-storey high, it was the caste of shopping Asia. Not only is attracted to the luxury items, a culinary maze 7 floors also await you at the This commercial center.
From junk food to the cafeteria as Din Tai Fung brand-the culmination of the art of Dimsum, Stay of the famous Michelin 3-star chef Yannick Alleno.
Most of the tours to Taiwan are not to miss the opportunity to visit and shop have life in the schedule of the tourists in the West Mon (Ximending) famous Taipei. When the city started up the lights, Ximending as bib shimmering clothes and flowers to the unexpected, the fashion store and favorite items from all over the country in the world, from Oriental to the West are sold bearing on either side of the road.
Taipei City is regarded as the place where the characteristic expression of culture, lifestyle, stylish people, especially the young, so, in Taiwan the Taiwan tour schedule and the tourists have a self-sufficient street names in the list take priority the view. West Mon Family also completely conquered the tourists by heaven in the area with local dishes such as rice cakes, beef noodles, rotten tofu Hot pot, a milk tea, bread, ham and chicken rice … Can say, Ximending will not disappoint your expectations.
To Taipei, not someone who is unknown to the night market, Shilin (Shilin), the most famous night markets and crowded together local people to enjoy. Shilin market operated mainly from the evenings, a range of traditional dishes from Taiwan is sold on the street, the aroma flooded Cape will make you like in the world of food.

Danzi noodles, egg coated scallops, soup fish eggs, Jiufen, dumplings Xiao Long Bao, egg coated oysters, Pearl milk tea, Hot dog … is the food you should not miss. In summary, the Shilin night market is the ideal place to visit if you are in the team hungry high after a day of exploring the culture, do landscape of Taipei.
Simply that piecemeal to discover Taipei’s culture you take enough for at least 3 out of 4 paradise that SeuVang.com mentioned above. Hopefully, you and the team travel to Taiwan will be a delight and joy.
Located in Xinyi district, Taipei City is now the tallest building in the world. This building stood in the photograph, the result is something incredibly amazing, travel to Taiwan without visit Taipei 101 is viewed as the journey is not yet complete. To get to the second floor of the concrete tower 101 you should choose between 61 lifts, including two high-speed elevators operate at 1,010 m/min should only 39 seconds is up to 89 floors where there is space to observe the city of Taipei.
Sun Moon is considered the largest natural lake in Taiwan and is also one of the tourist attraction has a leaf. The eastern part of round Lake as the Sun, and to the West the semicircular curved back. So this place is called Sun Moon Lake. Around the Lake are mountainous landscape, majestic, epic scenery love marine paints.
In addition to the above, you should also not miss the famous places in Taiwan such as the Palace Museum, home to commemorate Sun Yat and Shek, Long son pagoda, Tower 101, the famous night market such as Shilin, Dansui, Shengkeng.