Italy is a paradise of art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture. Italy owns the coast and the hills of the beautiful mountains and there are many world heritage sites in the world.
Walking tours Italy you will admire the ancient Roman Centre Rome, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan fashion port, Naples, Pisa, Turin, Venice, the city of love and also a lot of other interesting things await visitors.

For visitors planning a trip tourism Italy you will surely find it difficult when choosing hotels in Italy Travel Vietnam share some “tips”, cheap hotel booking in Italy.
Visitors should consult on the website of the hotel easy to find out information and the most recent being cheap. If can’t find the hotel’s website, you can also set through the intermediate page. If you have time, you can set the room in a resort famous for discounted to half or is donated with a variety of services when the book the room as the vote for massage, eat in the restaurant free of charge.
Hotels in Italy often have incentives for guests book rooms soon. Therefore, early booking about 60 days are ideal cheap accommodations is good quality. If set too late, especially when close to the holidays, you will have to pay much higher fees. You also note learn thoroughly hotel information, don’t let the beautiful photo fool, instead should watch carefully the hotels website, do not hesitate to ask the owner or the receptionist what you still unclear about the rooms as : free water in the Centre of the tourist destinations in Italy how far …
Should booking hotels in Italy prior to the initiative because the hotels and pensions in Italy often overloaded and quite expensive, especially during the peak tourist season. Should also print out a list of about 10 to miss the address to where the problem or what changes there are other place instead.
Located directly in the hotel: if going self-sufficient you can to take advantage of the hotel reservations directly, but if you should note when booking directly at the Italian Hotel tourists often have to bear the price higher than the reservation through the side the reservation. Why is that? You know that for a common services company do for its guests, with quite a large amount and regularity. Therefore, the hotels often have the preferential prices for this service companies. Besides, the travel companies often pay later so that the company always reviews the quality service of the hotel meet the desire of tourists when in hotels.

Put through the online booking: booking hotels Italy reservation sites like global,, Usually on the reservation page of its overseas requires you need to have computer skills, proficiency in English to be able to easily put the room in a convenient way. A further problem is that online booking guests on here need to have credit cards visa card to the payment online, so sometimes you will encounter difficulties in paying when booking, will work out the problem when booking online is hard avoided.
The Italian is one of the English-speaking peoples into the poor category in the world. So don’t think that if you said good English, a common language around the world, you can rotate in Italy! Of course, with English, you can check in to the hotel, or a la carte in the restaurant but if want to buy street food, ask for directions, ask the tram station, boat station, learn Italian language or gestures really smoothly.
Travel Italy should shopping? visitors should not miss the chance to shop in the city of love, you can also search the Italian fashion brand on display in stores in Italy to Venice. In July in Italy is the hottest of the year, sale season all the fashion shop are required to lower the price from 70-80%. You can select the item with the big brand companies with reasonable price. According to the experience of the Italian tourist shops where you should walk on the small streets, you’ll find unique shops selling local products, crafts, or the lovely gifts.