With the advent of the online booking site placing services stay for a trip that was never easy and convenient. Now you only need a computer with an internet connection is already can proceed. However, online reservations also exists no less problem: the prices are not clear, the form of payment, the reputation of the website … always do visitors have to consider.

booking hotels online

A few experience when booking hotels online:
First, you define the destination, on arrival, period of stay, name of hotel (if available), … After you have a full say on the information you need:
Compare prices between websites
Currently in the world there are many online booking sites, each site has different room rate policy so to find the room with the best price you should check and compare the sale price between the website. You can check on the website or through a middleman such as Kayak.com or Tripadvisor.com website.
The website like tripadvisor.com or Kayak.com helps you shorten the inspection reviews between the website, instead of having to type the information for each website, you only need to enter the information once only.
Note: check the information need not be the same: on arrival, period of stay, hotel, room, services, …
Compared with the price of the hotel
Usually the price on the website booking online will be cheaper than the price at the hotel directly, but not when. Some hotels sometimes have these promotions with very good prices apply only for direct bookings only. So contact the hotel to check the promotions, incentive rates of the hotel at the time of the booking you also should to have yourself the best prices.
Booking with Groupon
A number of group buying website often sell these coupon services stay with very preferential price. However when purchasing this coupon you need to note about the services included and not included, still have to compare prices with other online booking website, the price of the hotel.
Payment type
Payment: Most knocks the international online booking website currently requires people who are booking must have international credit card (Visa, Master Card, …) when booking. Meanwhile some domestic reservations website accept payment through ATM or cash (direct).
Payment: depending on the policy of each website that when booking you can pay before or after. A number of websites such as Chudu24, VnBooking.com, Agoda will require customers to pay in advance 100% of the booking amount, some other websites such as Booking, Venere, the client requests a payment directly to the hotel.
Website of reputation?
Digital Certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is one of the basis to assess the reliability, reputation of the online booking website. Besides you can use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, … to learn more.
A number of reputable hotel booking website: Hostelworld.com, Agoda.com, Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com, …
If Agoda is the reservation service popular in Asia, the new service Booking.com is the most used in the world. Currently, Booking.com is processing more than 1.1 million nights booked every day.
Booking.com Agoda has more advantages in that they do not deduct credit card at the time of booking. Often the right until you check in then they deduct your card.
Add a further feature is at Booking.com, you can also book a hotel room without a credit card. Many hotels in Booking.com accept cash payments at the hotel after their stay. This is an outstanding advantages that Booking.com is increasingly trusted.
However, each has its bookings terms and conditions attached. You always pay attention to the conditions of the cancellation / refund when booking on the Booking. com offline.
Booking hotels is service interface is very easy to use. Information about the hotel provided very detailed and Booking.com customers have always felt very friendly.