European culture is very different from the Vietnamese, they don’t always win, meandering candid, generous living and live bold. Visitors should avoid playing too loud in public.
Visitors do not smoke and littering in public, always on time so as not to affect the overall program and the other members of the delegation.

Dress neatly when the Prim such as: churches, palaces, the Holy …
Money tip for drive: this is the honorarium for service people to have honest income deserve their labour power. Guests included gratuity for HDV and the best driver on the last day of the tour in each of the countries. You should elect the head of the delegation to gather gratuity to guide and driver. The price level in Europe: tip for driving and HDV is 5 EUR/person/day, for person carrying the baggage at the airport, help hotels, other public places is 1 EUR/person/times.

Restaurants in Europe
Bring own beverages into a restaurant:  some restaurants may refuse, please consult local HDV preview. If allowed to bring drinks into the restaurant could be fairly high cost extra, for example a bottle of wine can pay extra money 20EUR 15-currency. Children under 18 are not allowed to use alcohol in the restaurant or the Bar.
European restaurants usually serve each dish a dish runs out, then the other dishes not clean up clean up up at the same time as in the Asian Fair special needs. Note that both Unions ate that and both Unions are discontinued knives, forks etc., then to the new service at which new clean up the next dish. If someone still in the Corps still eat, yet clean up the desk until it suspended desk then they serve other dishes out new. Means they serve for the whole Group at once rather than having served one by one.
When to call the waiter served in the restaurant or in the hotel we usually just raise your hands is that they will see and will run to the right. Need to avoid screaming, screaming or flipping his hand when calling the waiter, that’s downright proofing evening with the Europeans.
Hotels in Europe
Mini bar:some modern hotel can use the Mini Bar automatically, then if you open the Cabinet take the map out of view but don’t take that leave will still be charged.
Television: the majority of the hotels all have room service PAY TELEVISION (watching movies). If not see the proposal do not click the button PAY, if not then press the button view still must pay directly to the hotel.
Yes the hotel may not have the air-conditioning, for reasons of cool weather year round. If there often use air-conditioning system, so that the temperature be manipulated from the control center.
Typically these hotels in Europe only towels and SOAP, no toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and slippers brought in the room. So you need to prepare your personal hygiene.
After 9:00 p.m., not to say loudly, get drunk cause noise affecting the sleep of the other rooms. In the case of waking early, don’t be calling or banging the door alley looking companion, inadvertently causing the noise, affecting the sleep of the other rooms.
Breakfast:Continental breakfast-form Western food Normally (including: pastries, cheese, butter, bacon, milk, coffee or orange juice), occasionally also be eating breakfast Buffet form, we should try to eat something that we do not yet know to avoid taking too much food that was not then remove the excess waste. That we’ll be fine option regulations in each restaurant.

Check-in and check-out: Check-in and check-out at 13:00 at 11:00.
The vehicles in Europe
The Europeans adhere to traffic laws as well as the directions with very high consciousness. Many public transportation very convenient as the bus, the subway, the high speed train … come tour under delegation of companies will use automobile travel, train or ship depending on the move between the sights.
Money:in countries in the Schengen area using the main currency is the EUR, you should change the available money EUR from Vietnam or use credit cards. In Europe, Visa and Mastercard are widely used in all stores.
You should prepare the odd coins in your pocket to use public facilities such as toilets, automatic water vending machines. Should change currency in small denominations as euro: 5 euros, 10 euros, 20 euros and some odd cents to ride, buy drinking water, buy a phone card.
You must leave the toilet, usually will have to pay 50 cents … except some where else are free.

Shopping:goods in Europe are very expensive, when purchasing goods, foreign guests are subject to a VAT taxes ranged from 20-25% custom water. Shopping at the supermarket, please compare the price, because the supermarket price disparity quite as much. Items purchased at the store or in the market, you should pay the price. If to Europe on the occasion of promotion will have clothing fall winter 50-70% discount you can buy gifts for your friends and family. When shopping you should consult price