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Travel America – Ranked as one of the 7 great buildings in America, the Hoover Dam hydroelectric dams also be recognized as national historic wonders, annually attracts millions of tourists to visit .
Hoover Dam visitors often arrive by road. On the way to Las Vegas, turn right on a path called “Lake Mead Drive,” to the small city Boulder City, continue on the path “93 South” is about 6 mile run through the winding canyon.
From on high looking down the country will see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam Dam green lies astride majestic. Car takes visitors to a spectacular bend in the mountains, and then halfway down the mountain slopes will meet “Lookout Point”, from here you can shoot yourself the best picture of Hoover Dam hydroelectric dam.
Furthermore, the northern and southern Lake Mead feet down a waterfall dam is the Colorado River, a flood on the South and the Gulf of California.
Nevada cars from circulating across the dam, often stop the building on the right – where tourists on sightseeing. Every day there are more than 20 thousand tourists come here to visit, sit in the car ran around the dam. Point “Hoover Dam tour center” is open from 9 am to 5 pm for visitors.
Located on land belonging to the Black Canyon of the great river Calorado Nevada and Arizona border, the city of Las Vegas is about 30 miles to the southeast, the Hoover Dam Dam is a great architectural work to reconcile saved water, irrigation water for crops of fruit trees around this area.
But most importantly, the Hoover Dam hydroelectric power supply for the city of Las Vegas nightlife and a Southern California. At a height of up to 221,4m, Hoover Dam hydroelectric dam is the second highest dam in the United States, is starting construction on 20-4-1931.

Visit Hoover Dam, tourists can cruise on Lake Mead, enjoy the charming scenery and peaceful life around the heart beating.
In the summer, vehicles put Hoover Dam visitors crowded. It can take an hour to be new. Price a ticket to visit the dam is $ 10.
From here, in the elevator, our guide will take us to a hydroelectric plant. The two sides are deep pools below the dam was built more power plants contiguous floors, the giant turbine machine passes through the variable effort floors poured water into a source of enormous power.

Guests also watch videos and listen to explanations of this hydroelectric project, or go out freely, walking around sightseeing, drink coffee, take photo. Hoover Dam tour will broaden understanding and gives travelers the unforgettable experience.Visit Hoover Dam, you are sailing on the Lake Mead, enjoy the scenic and peaceful lives around the heart beating.
In the summer, visiting Hoover Dam vehicle line East of the stuffy People. It can take hours to be. The price of a ticket is 10 USD dam tour.
From here, theo elevator, tour guides you sẽ hydrogen power. The two sides pounded the bottom depths, many power plants are successive floor, the huge turbine machines go through the floors of the power transformer vào pour down giant power source.
Visitors see the video and hear cũng the presentation about the firm, or go play Freely, take a scenic running around, drinking coffee, taking souvenir pictures. Hoover Dam tours offer visitors sẽ broaden the understanding and unforgettable feel.

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