Experience the winter of Kangaroo

Located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, Australia is the country with the 6th largest area in the world, so there are many diverse climates and different from country located in the Northern Hemisphere. So on every level in June, when the heat of the tropical summer in the land of kangaroos, the first snow of the season began to fall. To Australia at this time, you will be greeted by a series of events extremely attractive recreation such as skiing, skiing and winter sports exciting.

Ski excited atop Mt.Buller
To enjoy “summer snow” in Australia with many exciting activities, go to Victoria, Melbourne is only about a day’s journey. During the winter, the snow on the slopes of Victoria, you’ll find hundreds of ski runs with stunning vistas. In particular, areas located at an altitude of 1800m Mt.Buller compared with sea level is the ideal destination for everyone to enjoy with the slide. It is nice to daydream hillsides, snow white forests, each snowflake falling hair lingering on the traveler as a dotted winter.
Mt.Buller has 3 types of ramps to slide with boards and nine kilometers of challenging toboggan in Stirling and Bluff Mountain. The topography is quite favorable for the organization of this kind of winter sports. It’s great to ski on the long sloping path while ensuring safety. You can travel by snowshoe up the mountain and then slide down the slide with rubber, or sticks on the slopes skiing. Also, you can play up the snow, throwing snow, jumping from heights with springbok, or take the cable car Mt.Buller stunning panoramic view. And do not forget to enjoy a beer with barley tangy flavor, the feeling of cold caress on the skin when touching the snow is the fun will echo forever.

Melbourne winter colors
Melbourne winter with cold weather, you will enjoy the feeling called “exhaled smoke” very interesting. Is the pride of the people of Australia, the city of beauty, art and modern life peacefully, Melbourne will be appropriate for your destination on the occasion from May to August to enjoy winter in the land of the Kangaroo and enjoy shopping. You can stop to visit the Southbank Centre is the leading performing arts in the city. Or visit Flinders Street Station – the symbol of the city to do some photographs memories. A trip to discover Melbourne will never be enough if you ignore the Church of St. Patrick with stunning Gothic architecture, Fitzroy green botanical garden, or the Great Ocean – great coastal road in the world …

In addition, Melbourne is dubbed the “king of street food.” If you are a gourmet, do not miss the David Jones food area with numerous delicacies from all over the world. In particular, you will find Vietnamese dishes on some roads in Melbourne, and warm while enjoying the hometown taste eastern sky alien surroundings. Not only that, tracing the path of the famous: CHAPAL Street, Acland Street and major shopping centers such as Chadstone and Southland … you will be spoiled for choice for shopping for items themselves off cheap sale full estate look.

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