Spring pilgrimage, tourists will have the opportunity to visit many famous temples, the glass lit incense compression between nowhere sacred wish all the best for the family. In it, two Buddhist sacred land of India and Myanmar will be the destination not to be missed by all the pilgrims. Go to the back, to enjoy the cult ceremony, wealthy girl to next add the source from where the faith descended to Earth Buddha.
India-eternal faith

Land of Sun in spring, the thought of elated emancipation tingle up the pilgrimage to the Buddhist. Out of the spring tour, India-the place where Buddha birth stubs has always urged the footsteps of millions of faithful pilgrims all over the world. Come here, you don’t just admire the sights, wonders but also experience plenty of interesting things of the sacred is located along the Ganges River.

In Hajj enjoy cult, you can’t visit Dynamic Sichuan province are the four sacred relics associated with the life of Buddha. Hong it is the garden of forest where even the Buddha Bhikkhu Ny-birth; Bodh-where the Buddha day and night sitting meditation on 49 under the Bodhi and maple tree has privileged; Deer garden-where the Buddha gave his first teaching theory of French post Four to five children Kieu Tran As Exam questions-where the Buddha entered Nirvana. Dynamic Sichuan province, four sacred relics do lay people. Take in the deep of the Buddha, each looking forward at least once in their lifetime to Bai four Buddha, to replenish the belief, the vitality and energy of love.
On a sunny spring day, the Temple of the Taj Mahal-a masterpiece of the world was such a beautiful love poem engraved on marble, will render you astray into the love story full of epic of King Shah Jahan sorry hurt beautiful Queen. And, perhaps, take a boat on the Ganges River to welcome dawn will surely be an unforgettable experience in the weather to spring. The boat drifting slowly, from the far looming majestically temples scattered on the banks or the array into leftover stock, and somewhere clean ear many strange sound of her burn located between the river … will make you remember forever on a sacred and mysterious , and King not to leave.
Myanmar-echo time
If India is the land of Buddha birth stubs, then Myanmar as the country tales of many temples, the Temple of the yellow tower sparkling under the Sun. Pilgrimage to Myanmar you will admire the Golden Temple with extremely unique architecture. Built according to the principles of Buddhist culture and should the structures here are a mysterious and magical beauty of Dharma.

Hajj will not complete if you haven’t visited the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda-one of the three most beautiful temples in Myanmar. It kept the 4 sacred treasures of Buddhism which is the rod of the Buddha Questions Save ton, a piece of Lettuce, water filter one Ca Buddha of Mahayana Buddhism Questions Na jaw and 8 strand of hair of the Buddha.

Golden Rock Pagoda on Mount Kyaikhtiyo lying small relic populations have created extremely unique, attracting millions of visitors each year pilgrimage. A spring afternoon where incidents it Bagan, launched the eye away you will see the sunset Government down the ancient tower in cold, … a feeling of peace.

Do not stop in the trip alone, the pilgrims of the two Buddhist land point to India and Myanmar will make the soul serene, we find the belief of eternal life and probably felt better than happiness around.