1. Street art in the Covent Garden market
In the evening in the west of Covent Garden market, we again began to show street art as sword swallowing, mime, magic, knife-throwing … Also, comedy is also quite common here and help people feel relaxed. Artistic repertoire was performed at Covent Garden have been through a committee to ensure that the quality of the performances are high.
2. Stroll along the banks of the River Thames
When walking from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge in London, you will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of London’s iconic as Parliament House, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral … without losing a penny .

3. Tate Modern gallery
This is extremely interesting galleries and in accordance with art lovers can still save costs. Tate Modern is considered one which showcases the wonderful works of art in the world with more than 50,000 works of modern art from renowned artists such as Matisse, Rodin, Warhol and Pollock. And a further attraction is the art gallery is located in a building that is equally interesting and serve water upstairs, where you can admire the beauty of the River Thames.

4. Mass conversions Attic
Nowhere in London is comparable to Buckingham Palace for the ceremony known throughout the world – mass conversions Gac. Besides free, when viewed Attic mass conversions taking place you will have the opportunity to see the Royal guards in traditional costumes gorgeous and watch his change synchronously together. Come early and pick a good location to observe the whole event.
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5. Primrose hill
Admire the whole of London from Primrose Hill: You do not need to spend to take 30 USD for a trip on the London Eye wheel just to see the city. Come to Primrose hill is located in the north of London and you will get something like that without any cost.
6. The British Museum
This is one of the major museums and most of the world for long, and more especially as you do not spend a penny to get into here. The diversity of specimens on display include tools from the ancient tribe on Earth, artistic masterpieces, Sutton Hoo ship, Lewis Chessmen chess set …
7. Discover Hyde
Served as a relaxing getaway of King Henry VIII, this park has many interesting places such as Princess Diana memorial statue, the Serpentine lake … This is the right place for those who want to leave urban life a Taking advantage of the time away from his relative. Many famous bands also choose where to perform like the Rolling Stones. Their concert, Live 8 benifit, has attracted nearly half a million people to take place in 1969.
8. Walking around London
If you would like more amazing things in London, not a better way is walking around the streets here. Trafalgar Square, Full House or Buckingham Palace Congress is the ideal place for you to learn about the cultural and historical traditions of the city.
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9. Museum of Natural History
This huge museum showcasing artifacts from the period of the British Victoria include collection and materials on the natural world. Blue Area, known for the dinosaur exhibit, extremely attracted children with fossils and dinosaur statues restored T-Rex. For adults, visit the Green Area to enjoy the treasures and interesting legends about the skeleton of the dodo or the moon rocks.
10. Walk around the gardens on Walkie-Talkie High
Opened in 2015, this garden is built on a 20-storey buildings and famous Fenchurch called “walkie-talkie”. It quickly became one of the tourist destinations most popular in London thanks to the opening of the free and the views overlooking the city from this beautiful work. In addition, the design of the gardens is extremely modern and advanced will give visitors the unique experience when you come here.