1. Azores, Portugal
Autonomous islands is located in Portugal of about 1,360 kilometers in the Atlantic Ocean, formed from the volcanic activity, the Islands many beautiful natural landscape with fertile soils and vegetation development, 9 an island like about 600 square kilometers is the famous tourist and travel industry have developed thanks to the advantage of the inherent nature. Visitors can participate in activities such as golf, diving, mountain climbing, boating … to enjoy this place.
2. Gorge, Bled, Slovenia
The Gorge has built wooden path runs along the river and ends at the magnificent Šum waterfall.The length of the road about 3 kilometers and will take about an hour to go. The Gorge is home to many beautiful natural scenes and a lot of visitors.
3. Danxia, China 
Danxia is recognized as a world heritage site and this quite similar to surreal works in painting. The range of colors that you see are caused by geological activity, and they have existed here from hundreds of millions of years ago. The hiding cave beneath the layers of cobblestones in this will be an exciting experience with a passion for adventure. The Palace of the road that you go through will bring many interesting things that don’t have to be with the natural landscape and the ancient temple.

4. Pipiwai, Hawaii, United States Of America

Is filled with interesting routes, crossing the Park, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the lush tropical forest with many caves, waterfalls, … and other fun outdoor activities. This is one of the climbing path has many magnificent scenery for Hawaii with Mkahiku waterfall, bamboo forest and the Valley in the heart of the mountain
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5. Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland
This ravine is located southeast of Iceland and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. As a result of soil erosion in thousands of years by the melting, the long road 2 kilometers with a depth of up to 100 meters in this ravine is attributed to Fjaðrá glacier.
6. Vatnajökull, Iceland
This is one of the major glaciers and thick for Europe, amounting to 8% of the total area of Iceland.Visitors have quite many options such as hiking, camping … to explore this land. The unique ice cave is a tourist attraction of one of the glaciers.
7. Koolau, Hawaii
Explore this exciting trail on the island of O’ahu. Stretching from the South-Eastern region of Ohau, Makapu’u, to the Northeast, Kahuku. The path with a length of 56 kilometers will take you to go through these mountainous areas almost have not been human.
8. Besseggen mountains, Norway
Stretching from the Lake Gjende and region in the Besseggen mountains, created a downright perfect. This place is famous to attract a lot of people like to climb mountains and travel. You will lose 5-7 to be able to go off the bow lines.
9. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Welcomed over 1 million tourists each year, the cliffs of Moher is a natural tourist is famous for Ireland. Rocky Mountains high 214 meters compared to the approximate Moher sea level and extends about 8 kilometers along the Atlantic coast.
10. Zion National Park, United States of America
Zion is not just where there are many beautiful trekking routes but also where climbers challenge thanks to his rough-filled terrain. Narrow bows (The Narrows) is where climbers of his talent.