Besides the unique culture, Japan are tourists by the dark architectural tradition with flower fields are known as “true paradise” in the world.

Hitachi Seaside Park, located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, next to the beach Ajigaura, is a park full of flowers, and is a tourist destination Popular
With an area of over 3.5 hectares, the park is always gorgeous fields of flowers blooming by Hitachi year round.

Especially in the park is 4.5 million Nemophila trees with blue flowers in spring bloom beautiful as the sky simultaneously smooth cool underground

About 25cm high, Nemophila beautiful shape, with color from blue to khác purple flower
Standing amid the green hills and flowers, People have the feeling of Being Immersed in the ocean like the vast blue sky fall down to the ground.Each year, the park organizes Nemophila Hanami festival – festival flower viewing. Overwhelmed by the green color of the flower hill Nemophila Perceived by most visitors is on every festive occasion come here.

Hitachi round the park, next to the typical flowers for each season, the park am also grow many kinds of flowers.
Hitachi Seaside Park is a must see sights for anyone to come to Japan.
Walkways surrounding hills very cleverly and subtly Arranged, leading the viewer to go through the beautiful scenery.
The climate here is always fresh cool, blooming flowers Enabling the flavor shine.
Where, tourists can rent a bike path running around the beautiful flowers.