1. Perhentian Island, Malaysia
Perhentian is a lovely band of small islands in the constant state of Terengganu, located in the northeast of Peninsula Malaysia. Perhentian island two Perhentian Kecil’s (islets) and Perhentian Besar (big island). However, Perhentian Kecil draws in more travelers by significant rates Perhentian Besar while they are costly and usually reserved for the abundant tourists.
2. Koh Lipe, Thailand
Koh Lipe is known as to be one of the tiniest islands in Asia, however, is a superb vacation spot with three big beach boomerang form. You can walk around the complete island within an hour and admire the wooden house Southeast Asian style. But Koh Lipe undeveloped modernization trend and it is relatively untouched completely, but coming here, tourists will feel comfortable and content with what it brings.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Located northwest of Lombok, Indonesia, Gili Islands attracts visitors from across the world by natural scenery, unspoiled friendliness and beauty along with outdoors sea pets or animals here like hawks, turtles, shark,…. Overseas visitors come here to take pleasure from the peace, oxygen and enjoy the beautiful restaurant string and the thrilling bundled services on the island.

4. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

5. Bali, Indonesia
Known as the island of the Gods, Bali gloats an assorted scene of slopes, the wonderful white sandy shorelines and tough coastline, infertile volcanic crests and lavish terraced fields make up an exceptional scene on the island of Bali. The fascination of Bali also in light of the fact that it is a world-class destination for surfers, jumpers or archeological locales, history and society. As a result of this, this excellent island has constantly spent a considerable measure of trophies in tourism, pulled in everybody on the planet, from youthful explorers to the rich.
6. Island Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong Island is the island is world well known daily paper NEW YORK TIMES voted as 1 of 45 focuses to the most huge on the planet, named the Hawaii of Asia however minimal known. Koh Rong Samloem is really a “heaven” wild and sweet makes you excited when you arrive. You will be completely casual pressed between ocean water and tropical warmth.

7. Sipadan Island, Indonesia

Situated off the east shoreline of Sabah on Borneo island, Malaysia, Sipadan Island is one of the best destinations for the individuals who love jumping. The coral reefs and rich marine existence with dazzling sandy shorelines on the island appealing all guests to visit. The extraordinary thing on the island is all resorts and eateries were shut to secure the unblemished excellence of the island. As a result of this, coming here, you have to get ready sustenance, beverages and reservations at resorts on the close-by islands as Kapalai (15 minutes via train) and Mabul (25 minutes via train).

8. Phi Phi Island, Thailand

9. Boracay Island, Philippines
10. Cebu Island, Philippines
Not just is one of the well known visitor destinations in the Philippines, Cebu is likewise renowned for the magnificence of Asia’s generally appealing. The island has a great deal of extravagance 5-star lodging, fairways, shopping centers, eateries and bistros to serve vacationers. Cebu is encompassed by a few littler islands and uninhabited untouched, so it pulls in countless voyagers from around the globe consistently come here to discover serene spot, incidentally far from city life clamoring every day market.