Bangkok’s commercial property market struggles through 2020

This year Thailand’s developers had to work around the effects of government lockdowns and restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic….

Multiple arson attacks in Pattani

PATTANI: A string of arson attacks occurred in Sai Buri district, with two farm trucks, a local government office and…

The Continental hotel – London a luxurious hotel, magnificent

Are you looking for a luxury hotel to meet all needs in London? The Continental hotel is one of the hotels that can meet your needs. You can find out about the hotel through the information below.

Langham Hotel – One of the most beautiful hotels in London

London is a country with many luxurious beauty that everyone wants to visit. When coming to London, the most important thing is to find a hotel to rest. Langham is a hotel you should visit, find out what is special about this hotel.

The Broadmoor Colorado World-renowned western art collection

The pink stucco structures of this extravagance resort embrace the shoreline beneath Cheyenne Mountain, similar to you’d find in an…

Faena Hotel Miami Beach has a real review